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Avocados: A Ripe Responsibility

August 25th, 2020

They say with great power comes great responsibility. In Avo Effect Episode #5 we look at the ethical responsibility of the avocado beyond its societal success within the health industry, pop culture fads or countless “foodie” trends. With the recent pandemic’s global impact in just a few short months, essential industries have had to shift in countless ways to accommodate a “new normal” - this has made the world’s food supply more demanding now than ever. For West Pak, this video will look at the ways the global organization is taking both ethical and moral responsibilities to ensure the avocado reaches people’s plates everyday. With careful monitoring throughout the company’s entire establishment from sourcing, production to distribution - health and food safety are top of mind to ensure the avocado upholds it’s “ripe” responsibility for the world it reaches.

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